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Progress in Coronary Disease Death Rates Grinds to Near Halt in Young Adults
Worrisome trend likely caused by poor health habits
11.27.2007 American College of Cardiology (ACC)
Diesel exhaust associated with higher heart attack, stroke risk in men
11.06.2007 American Heart Association
Cardiovascular Disease Decreasing Among Adults with Diabetes
Separate Report Finds People with Diabetes Doing a Better Job of Checking Blood Sugar
11.01.2007 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
High numbers of men and women are overweight, obese and have abdominal fat, worldwide
10.22.2007 American Heart Association
Quality improvement database helps find healthcare gaps, offers solutions
10.02.2007 American Heart Association
Acute Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease -- Another Step In The Right Direction
National Heart Foundation of Australia
06.04.2007 Australian Healthcare Association
Due to cost, heart attack patients often avoid follow-up care and medication
A lack of funds to pay for medical treatment and prescriptions is common among heart attack patients and leads to a worse recovery, more angina, poore...
03.13.2007 JAMA, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
Heart attack patients with financial barriers have poorer recovery and quality of life
About one in five heart attack patients report having financial barriers to health care services, and these patients are more likely to have a lower q...
03.13.2007 JAMA, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
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