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Research Initiatives in Vascular Disease Conference
Sponsored by: Society for Vascular Surgery / Dates: March 29, 2007 - March 30, 2007 / Abstract deadline: January 15,2007 / Location: Renaissance Was...
03.05.2007 VascularWeb
서울대병원, 임상시험등록 건수 아시아 최고
美 국립보건원 운영 웹사이트 집계. 다국적 제약 임상시험 총 32건
02.21.2007 서울대학교 병원
Canadian neurologist, three others honored at stroke conference
02.07.2007 American Heart Association (AHA)
Diabetes, Heart Associations Align Fight Against Heart Disease
In a joint statement released today, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Heart Association (AHA) summarize the evidence supporting li...
12.22.2006 American Heart Association (AHA)
Scientists share thoughts on animal research
Poll reveals nuanced views among biomedical researchers.
12.13.2006, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
Primate research 'should have dedicated centres'
UK panel says specialist facilities would safeguard animal welfare.
12.13.2006, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
2008 세계의사회 서울 총회 일정 확정(2008.10.15~18)
2008 세계의사회 서울 총회 일정 확정(2008.10.15~18) 인류 건강 위협하는 북한 핵실험 관련 결의문 채택, 차기 회장에 아이슬랜드의사회장인 스네달(J. Snaedal) 박사 선출
11.27.2006 대한의사협회
Springer and the Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland enter into publishing partnership
Irish Journal of Medical Science added to growing medical portfolio
11.17.2006 Springer, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
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