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Stroke rates falling in the West
The incidence of stroke in Perth, Western Australia has declined 43 percent over the last decade, according to new research announced today by the Geo...
10.12.2006 Research Australia, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
Eastern Europe, Middle East tops in cardiovascular disease deaths
Eastern European and Middle Eastern patients with diseased blood vessels have the highest rates of heart attacks and strokes, and the highest rates of...
09.03.2006 Duke University Medical Center, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
NHS remains a world leader in heart attack care
Treatment for patients with heart attacks in England and Wales is now better than anywhere else in the world and is continuing to improve, according t...
06.22.2006 U.K. National Health Service (NHS)
Cardiomyopathy: the greatest heart disease threat in Africa
12.05.2005 American Heart Association
Medical Research To Get $290 Million Boost, Hon Tony Abbott MP - Minister For Health & Ageing
10.10.2005 Australian Healthcare Association
Living Dangerously: Australians With Multiple Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
02.25.2005 Australian Healthcare Association
The New BNF (British National Formulary) - Delivering The Latest Advice, Every Time : For the latest prescribing information, healthcare professionals need look no further than the new edition of the British National ...
09.13.2004 British Medical Association (BMA)
AMA seeks better deployment and training of overseas trained doctors, Australian Medical Association
07.29.2004 Australian Healthcare Association
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