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Many Cancer Survivors Struggle to Pay For Care
The population of cancer survivors in the US is growing, and many struggle to pay health care costs. A study led by the Centers for Disease Control an...
06.18.2019 American Cancer Society
AMA policy advocates to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions
The AMA adopted policy to actively advocate for legistration, and policies thah incentivize states to eliminte non-medical exemptions from immunizatio...
06.13.2019 American Medical Association (AMA)
New Survey Highlights Growing Insurance Problem That Delays Sight-Saving Care
Real-world data shows why new legislation introduced last week is needed to protect patients from unreasonable Medicare Advantage plan requirements
06.11.2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology
Collaboration between France and WHO to Realize the Vision of the WHO Academy
06.11.2019 WHO
Cancer Screening Rates Linked to Time of Medical Appointment
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania say when patients see their doctor may affect whether they are told to get screened for cancer, and th...
05.17.2019 American Cancer Society
Too many babies are born too small
Around one in seven of all babies worldwide are born with a low birthweight
05.16.2019 WHO
Do These Seven Things Today, to Save Your Sight Tomorrow
The American Academy of Ophthalmology urges young adults to protect their eyes to prevent vision loss in the future
05.16.2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology
Smarter research & development to tackle global health priorities
WHO Chief Scientist invites global health R&D community to contribute to the Directory
05.15.2019 WHO
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