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“Zero polio transmission and health for all”, WHO Director-General gives new year’s wish to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan
01.08.2019 WHO
WHO Director-General concludes New Year visit to Ebola-affected areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
01.03.2019 WHO
How to Help Someone Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is hard, but it’s doable, especially with help from friends. Read our tips for what to do and what not to do when helping someone qui...
01.02.2019 American Cancer Society
2018 in Review: CDC Looks Back at the Year’s Most Pressing Health Threats
From the opioid overdose epidemic to foodborne disease outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance to the Ebola virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic o...
12.21.2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
New Data Show Growing Complexity of Drug Overdose Deaths in America
In-depth analysis confirms sharp increases, geographic spread of synthetic opioid-related deaths
12.21.2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
New Study Finds Higher than Expected Number of Suicide Deaths among U.S. Veterinarians
Female veterinarians at particularly high suicide risk
12.20.2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1 in 4 Nonsmoking Americans is Still Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
After 2 ½ decades of progress, efforts to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke among non-smokers have stalled in the US, according to new data from the...
12.17.2018 American Cancer Society
Nearly 30 million sick and premature newborns in dire need of treatment every year
Global coalition calls for better care and stronger legislation to save babies on the brink of death
12.13.2018 WHO
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