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The Supreme Court''s Crisis Pregnancy Center Case ?Implications for Health Law
After the Supreme Court''s decision in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra (NIFLA) in late June 2018, the status of such laws i...
10.18.2018 N Engl J Med 2018; 379:1489-1491
Revolutionary microscopy technique nets most lucrative prize in science
The Breakthrough awards, each worth US$3 million, honour advances in the life sciences, physics and mathematics.
10.17.2018 Nature News by Zeeya Merali
Up your MIPS score by tallying efforts to prevent chronic disease
Alignment is an often-used word in health care, and the AMA is demonstrating what it can look like by giving physicians engaged in critical efforts to...
10.12.2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
How much physician burnout is costing your organization
Physician burnout is expensive to an organization, contributing to direct costs of recruitment and replacement when physicians leave or reduce their c...
10.11.2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
Why the virtual anatomy lab won''t replace the real thing
Gross anatomy has been a standard part of the early years of medical education for generations. Typically taught using cadavers that are dissected, th...
10.10.2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
Pondering direct care? 13 potential benefits and drawbacks
Administrative demands coupled with growing physician dissatisfaction about poor work-life balance are causing some doctors to consider moving to a re...
10.10.2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
Patient handoffs: 4 best practices medical residents must heed
You can make the right diagnosis, order the right treatments and have your patient well on the way to a safe discharge from the hospital. But now you ...
10.09.2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
University tenure decisions still gloss over scientists'' public outreach
Analysis of internal documents shows that promotions and tenure largely depend on metrics such as the number of publications and citations.
10.04.2018 Nature News
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