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AMA Statement on FDA Plan to Prevent Youth Access to Flavored Tobacco
The AMA applauds FDA’s announcement of its plan to make harmful tobacco products less accessible and less appealing to our nation’s youth.
11.15.2018 American Medical Association
AMA President Outlines Efforts to Attack Dysfunction in Health Care
11.14.2018 American Medical Association
AMA Adopts New Policies at 2018 Interim Meeting
Affirming the Medical Spectrum of Gender / Protecting the Integrity of Public Health Data Collection / Opposing the Detention of Migrant Children / In...
11.13.2018 American Medical Association
New AMA Policies Adopted on Final Day of 2018 Interim Meeting
Protecting and Improving Access to Zero-dollar Preventive Care / Continued 9-1-1 Modernization and Implementation of Text-to-9-1-1 Service / Expanding...
11.13.2018 American Medical Association
AMA Policy Aimed at Preventing Medical Student and Physician Suicide
The AMA adopted policy during its Interim Meeting aimed at identifying patterns that could predict and ultimately prevent suicide among physicians-in-...
11.13.2018 American Medical Association
Future Physicians Should Seek Training to Enhance Access to Rural Care
The AMA encourages medical students and residents to seek training opportunities in public and population health to increase access to care in rural a...
11.13.2018 American Medical Association
AMA Adopts Ethical Guidance for Health Care Decisions Involving Minors
Physicians at the AMA Interim Meeting approved a general framework to work with families to balance the child’s interests with the scope of parental a...
11.12.2018 American Medical Association
AAOS on Potentially Misvalued Codes in 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
11.12.2018 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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