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HIV Cases on The Rise in 2007
MOH urges at-risk groups to go for voluntary testing
10.30.2007 Ministry of Health, Singapore
Foot and mouth disease returns to the UK
Laboratories under the spotlight as disease found on farm.
08.06.2007, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
China and India join WHO clinical trial registry platform
07.25.2007 World Health Organization (WHO)
Health Experts Agree With Labor -Tackle Chronic Disease And Fix The Blame Game
07.05.2007 Australian Healthcare Association
The public support doctors' plans for the NHS, says BMA
There is widespread support among the general public for key aspects of the BMA's rational way forward for the NHS in England1, including the BMA's ca...
06.24.2007 British Medical Association (BMA)
Frustration and anger of the medical profession highlighted in Archdeacon's speech at BMA conference church service
There are real problems in the Health Service, which no Government seems to be able to address satisfactorily, says the Archdeacon of Totnes, the Ven....
06.24.2007 British Medical Association (BMA)
CDC Reports High Lyme Disease Rates in 10 States Number of the most common vector-borne disease doubles in 15 years
Number of the most common vector-borne disease doubles in 15 years
06.14.2007 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Statistical press notice: NHS referral to treatment (RTT) times data - March 2007
06.07.2007 U.K. Department of Health (DH)
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