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Malaria deaths decline by 66% in Zambia
Malaria control activities accelerated & Increasing coverage
04.23.2009 World Health Organization (WHO)
Global, national efforts must be urgently intensified to control Zimbabwe cholera outbreak
01.30.2009 World Health Organization (WHO)
Health services close to collapse in Gaza
01.07.2009 World Health Organization (WHO)
WHO warns of rise in deaths, human suffering in Gaza
12.29.2008 World Health Organization (WHO)
High HPV vaccination coverage already achieved
HPV vaccination programme extended early
12.22.2008 U.K. Department of Health (DH)
Health system problems aggravate cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
WHO setting up a cholera control centre, seeking US$ 6 million in support
12.10.2008 World Health Organization (WHO)
Indonesia to reject tagging of HIV carriers
A bill to track patients using implanted microchips is unlikely to pass.
12.03.2008, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
Government welcomes taskforce report on Organ Donation
Alan Johnson calls for 25 million people on the organ donor register by 2013
11.17.2008 U.K. Department of Health (DH)
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