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Playing Youth Football Could Affect Brain Development
A new study of young football players found that gray matter pruning was altered after one season of play.
11.26.2018 Radiological Society of North America
Weight Loss Procedure Shrinks Both Fat and Muscle
A novel interventional procedure used to treat obesity leads to the loss of both fat and muscle.
11.26.2018 Radiological Society of North America
Researchers Use MRI to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease
MRI assessment of the brain’s white matter using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a promising option for analysis of dementia risk.
11.20.2018 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
Abbott Initiates Study to Evaluate Ablation as a Frontline Treatment for Patient''s Suffering from a Common but Complex Cardiac Arrhythmia
LESS-VT Study is the first U.S. clinical trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of ablation treatment for patients with monomorphic ventricula...
11.20.2018 Abbott
Shoulder “Brightness” on Ultrasound May Be a Sign of Diabetes
Brightness of the shoulder’s deltoid muscle on ultrasound may be an indicator of diabetes or pre-diabetes.
11.19.2018 Radiological Society of North America
Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survival Rates Increase When Re-evaluated
A new way of looking at the data of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer shows survival rates among this age group are much better than pre...
11.15.2018 American Cancer Society
New Data from Investigational Study of LENVIMA® (lenvatinib) and KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) Combination in Three Different Tumor Types Presented at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s 33rd Annual Meeting
First presentation of LENVIMA and KEYTRUDA combination data in patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, metastatic melanoma and metastatic...
11.09.2018 MERCK
Medtronic Begins Renal Denervation Study for High Blood Pressure Patients Prescribed Anti-Hypertensive Medication
FDA-Approved Study Furthers Medtronic Commitment to Generate Meaningful Clinical Evidence for Use of Renal Denervation to Treat Uncontrolled Hypertens...
11.08.2018 Medtronic
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