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Is Chocolate Good for You?
We wish the answer were simply yes! But it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Learn what the science tells us about chocolate and its possib...
02.04.2019 American Cancer Society
The Truth About Alternative Medical Treatments
Some non-standard therapies can help some people feel better during treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses. But others are money wasters or d...
01.30.2019 American Cancer Society
Understanding Cancer Death Rates
Cancer death rates are one of the most important measures researchers use to track progress against cancer. American Cancer Society researchers repor...
01.25.2019 American Cancer Society
Artificial Intelligence Shows Potential for Triaging Chest X-rays
Researchers trained an artificial intelligence system to interpret and prioritize abnormal chest X-rays with critical findings. / Chest X-rays account...
01.22.2019 Radiological Society of North America
Study: Oncologists Want More Education About LGBTQ Issues
A survey of oncologists finds that most say they don’t know enough about how to treat people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/que...
01.22.2019 American Cancer Society
ACS Cancer Prevention Blueprint Targets Controllable Risk Factors
This second chapter in the American Cancer Society Cancer Control Blueprint describes what we know about risk factors for cancer. It provides strategi...
01.18.2019 American Cancer Society
Facts & Figures 2019: US Cancer Death Rate has Dropped 27% in 25 Years
The death rate from cancer in the US has declined steadily over the past 25 years, according to annual statistics reporting from the American Cancer S...
01.08.2019 American Cancer Society
Take a Moment With Meditation
Our busy lives can leave us frazzled and stressed. Studies show taking a mental break with meditation can quiet the mind and improve health. We’ll wal...
01.07.2019 American Cancer Society
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