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When fathers exercise, their future offspring may benefit, mouse study suggests
This exercising mouse is helping itself and its offspring, a new study suggests.
10.22.2018 Science: Health by Mitch Leslie
Giant study links DNA variants to same-sex behavior
A study of hundreds of thousands of people uncovered four genetic variants that were more common in people who reported at least one instance of same-...
10.20.2018 Science: Biology, Brain & Behavior News by Michael Price
Virus detectives test whole-body scans in search of HIV hiding places
To prevent the virus from rebounding after drug therapy, researchers must first map where it lurks in the body.
10.19.2018 Nature News by Sara Reardon
AMA unveils playbook to speed digital health adoption
Wearables and other devices generate a flood of patient information. This new resource helps physicians put that data to use in their practices.
10.19.2018 American Medical Association (AMA) News by Sara Berg
''A new day for chemistry'': Molecular CT scan could dramatically speed drug discovery
The new approach builds on a technique called electron diffraction, which sends an electron beam through a crystal and, as in x-ray crystallography, d...
10.19.2018 Scinece: Chemistry News by Robert F. Service
Classification, Ontology, and Precision Medicine
A goal of precision medicine1 is to stratify patients in order to improve diagnosis and medical treatment.
10.11.2018 N Engl J Med 2018; 379:1452-1462
Moving DNA to a different part of the nucleus can change how it works
Bioengineers have retooled the gene editing technique to move specific stretches of DNA from one place to another inside the nucleus itself, they repo...
10.11.2018 Science: News by Elizabeth Pennisi
Healthy mice from same-sex parents have their own pups
Advance reveals genetic factors that require mammals to reproduce using two sexes.
10.11.2018 Nature: News & Comment - Research by Jeremy Rehm
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