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Apollo Telemedicine
Apollo Software™Inc., Maryland corporation / Site Format : News, Job opportunity(for General public) / Information resources : Text , for Free / Products : Image management system fow windows, Corabi Dynamic Telepathology Module, Apollo Desktop Teleconferencing Module / Update cycle: 3 - 6 months / Designed for pathologists and laboratories / Reseller of SONY medical equipment
This web site, one of the PlanetRx satellite networks, provides useful informational resources on arthritis including medical news, informative articles, chat and message boards, web site links, related products and prescriptions for consumer / Update cycle : Frequently updated
The community Internet site for radiologists and related professionals in the medical imaging industry / Provides a forum for radiologists, business managers, technologists, members of organized medicine, and industry / Menu ; News, Buyer''s Guide, OnLineCMe, Case of the Day, Variable References, Jobs, Market Places
Spherix,Inc.:Since 1967/ NASDAQ:BINC/ Services: Healthsuite, Teleservices, Clinical Trial, DTC-DRTV../ Menu:Careers/ Corporate Headquarters 12051 Indian Creek Ct.Beltsville, MD 20705  
Card Guard Scientific Survival, Ltd.
CardGuard / Site Format : News / Information resources : Text & Multimedia, for Free / Update cycle: 1 - 3 months / Products : CG series, Card Guard 8000NT Telemedicine, SpiroPhone / Specifications of the products available: software and hardware of Cardiology(Portable ECG recorders/transmitters), Pulmonology (Spirometry), Obstetrics(Telemedicine Prenatal Monitoring System), and Telemedicine(hardware and software package for telemedicine receiving centers) / Home monitoring device with WEB online service 
A database of related caregiving issues, postings by users and articles on medical, financial and lifestyle questions / Serviced by Philips Lifeline 
DocuMed, Inc.
DocuMed, Inc. / Products: Reporter Program, DocuMed Designer / Careers / DocuMed, Inc. 210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 10A Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Tel: (800) 321-5595
Needs licensing for login / 13 million records from approximately 5,000 journals (1974-present) and MEDLINE (1966-present) / Abstracts and Fulltext( ScienceDirect from Elsevier Science, IDEAL from Academic Press, LINK from Springer-Verlag and Karger Online Journals ) and to gene sequence information deposited in the ENTREZ databank / European big database of medical Information  
HealthCare Vision, Inc. (HCV)
HealthCare Vision / Site Format : News, Job opportunity(for General public), On- line application / Information resources : Health News, Text format, for Free / Products : HealthCare Vision™/ Update cycle: 1 - 3 months / A multimedia documentation and videoconferencing software tool: Affordable and portable real- time healthcare with video conferencing, local and remote image capture and annotation, store and forward, as well as an integrated records database / Sales option and product supprot  
InnoCentive is the first online forum that brings together global corporations and scientists from across the globe to solve tough R&D challenges / Global companies including BASF, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly and Company and Procter & Gamble post scientific problems confidentially on the InnoCentive Web site where more than 70,000 scientists and scientific organizations located in more than 165 countries can solve them / Scientists who deliver solutions that best meet InnoCentive''s Challenge requirements receive a financial award for their work / InnoCentive is an e-business venture of Eli Lilly and Company / 35 New England Business Center Andover, Massachusetts 01810-1071 USA Phone: +1-978-482-3300 Toll free: +1-866-812-7339 Fax: +1-978-482-3400  
경기도 성남시 분당구 구미동 25-1 엘레강스 프라자 ㈜ 메디서프 | Tel : 031-896-0930 | 사업자 등록번호 : 212-81-47247
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