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Brain Tumor Society
British Association for Cancer Research
British Inflammation Research Association
The British Inflammation Research Association (BIRAs) is a UK basedassociation dedicated to the science of inflammation. However, membership is open to interested individuals outside of the UK, although there areother similar associations around the world. 
British Mycological Society
The British Mycological Society (BMS) was founded in 1896 and has some 2000 members from many countries around the world, reflecting its international status. Its sole objective is to promote mycology in all its aspects 
British Oncological Association
Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
CACMID is an umbrella organization that began from a public health microbiology background over 70 years ago 
Canadian Cancer Society
CCS / Located in 10 Alcorn Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4V 3B1 / Tel : 416-961-7223, Fax: 416-961-4189 / Contents : Online QA for patient, General information about cancer for patient 
Cell biochemistry and function.
/Cell Biochem Funct/1983/Butterworth Scientific Ltd., c/English, English/0263-6484(Print); 1099-0844(Electronic); 0263-6484(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Print issues ceased with v. 28, no. 8 (2010) Also issued online. 
Center for Cell Signaling, University of Virginia Health System
Homepage of Center for Cell Signaling, University of Virginia Health System / Introduction / Contents : Educational and Graduate Program, Research 
Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine, Mcgill University
Website of Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine, Mcgill University / Contents: Educational Materials, Research 
Chemistry - A European Journal
Chemistry / Official journal of 14 European Chemical Societes / Published from 1995 (Online from 1998) / Wiley-Liss / Abstract for free / Full-text (PDF) for subscribers / cited in Medline (Index Medicus) & SCI Expanded 
/Chirality/1989/Wiley/English/0899-0042(Print); 1520-636X(Electronic); 0899-0042(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Print issues ceased with 2013. Also issued online. 
Chronic Syndrome Support Association, Inc.
CSSA / Located in 801 Riverside Drive Lumberton, NC 28358-4625 / Contents : Educational material, News and Events, Patient Resources  
Colon Cancer Alliance
Cytometry / Official journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology / Published from 1980 (Online from 1997) / Wiley-Liss / Abstract for free from 1996 / Full-text (PDF) for subscribers from 1997 / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents  
Department of Cancer Biology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Homepage of Department of Cancer Biology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine / Contents : Graduate Program, Research 
Division of Intramural Research in NIDCR
Scientists in the Division of Intramural Research (DIR) conduct basic laboratory and clinical research. Using the latest techniques in biomedical science - molecular biology, immunology and cell biology - researchers investigate the biochemistry, structure, function and development of bone, teeth, salivary glands and connective tissues 
Dynamic Development
This web site, a part of The Virtual Embryo provided by Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at University of Calgary, provides a comprehensive essay on the role of programmed cell death in development and many up-to-date references(mostly 1994-1995) for students / Update cycle : Last revised on August 18, 1999  
Electrophoresis Society
Electrophoresis Society./Electrophoresis/1980/Verlag Chemie, [/English, English/0173-0835(Print); 1522-2683(Electronic); 0173-0835(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online. Official journal of the Electrophoresis Society. 
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