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Audiology Forum: Video Otoscopy
Site Format : Forum,Discussion,Q&A News/ Information resources : Text & Multimedia, for Free/ / An on-line atlas of clinical video otoscopy images categorically arranged by site of lesion and pathology, designed for audiologists, otologists, primary care physicians.  
Common back problems : Medical Multimedia Group
Medical Multimedia Group: common back problem / Site Format : Job opportunity( for General public )/ Information resources : Text & Multimedia, for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / Patient education material on the common problem of the back.  
Country Doctor Museum
Founded in 1967 by a small group of determined, energetic women under the leadership of Dr. Josephine E. Newell, M.D., the Museum was intended to be a lasting memorial to their physician ancestors / 6642 Peele Road, Bailey, N.C. / Contact: 252-235-4165, Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Closed Sunday and Monday, Christmas week and major holidays / Cost: $4 for adults and seniors, $2 for students 18 and younger 
Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases
Department of Biological Structure, University of Washington / Detailed atlases, including 3D views, of brain, thoracic viscera, and knee joint attained from 1mm cryosections of a cadaver specimen, also presenting MR scans and computer reconstruction 
Digital Atlas of Brain Structure
An Interactive Digital Atlas of Brain Structures/ Information resources : for Free/ / This site is an interactive digital atlas of brain structures. / Brain surface, brain dissections coronal forebrain, coronal forebrain MRI, brainstem surface, brainstem sections, horizontal forebrain, horizontal forebrain MRI, MRI animations, 3D animations.. / Temporarily Missed Link : 06/10/2002 
Dr. Grossan The Ear, Thoat, and Nose Online Consultant - Sinus Problems
Health On the Net Foundation / Site Format : Forum,Discussion,Q&A / Information resources : Text , for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / All about drug-free relief of sinusitis and ear, nose, and throat problems are available 
Embryological Modelling
This resulted from grants by the Society to refurbish and catalogue collections of embryological material at Cambridge and St Andrews Universities / Both collections are available for study by research workers in the field, and the catalogues have been unified and made accessible via the Web / Contents : Research, Teaching Materials 
European Association of Veterinary Anatomists
The European Association of Veterinary Anatomists offers a forum for the promotion of contacts and the exchange of experience between veterinary morphologists. 
European Federation for Experimental Morphology
EFEM brings together legally constituted Scientific Societies and Groups in Europe, that are concerned with the morphological sciences (particularly anatomical sciences) or related fields. 
European Microscopy Society
The creation of the Committee of European Societies of Electron Microscopy (CESEM) dates back to 1975, a year after the International Congress on Electron Microsocopy (ICEM) in Canberra and a year before the European Congress (EUREM) in Jerusalem. 
European Respiratory Society
ERS / Located in ERS Headquarters, 1 Bd de Grancy, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland / Tel : (41) 21 613 0202, Fax : (41) 21 617 2865 / 12th ERS ANNUAL CONGRESS 14-18 SEPTEMBER 2002 - STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN / Online Journal : European Respiratory Journal(full text for subscriber or ERS members) / Contents : Educational material, General information, CME, Membership Information, Calander of Meetings and Events 
European Society for Paediatric Research
European Tissue Culture Society
To promote interchange between people of different disciplines sharing a common interest in cell, tissue and organ culture techniques 
Foundation for Biomedical Research
Established in 1981, the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) is the nation’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to improving human and animal health by promoting public understanding and support for the humane and responsible use of animals in medical and scientific research. 
/Glia/1988/Alan R. Liss, Inc., c/English/0894-1491(Print); 1098-1136(Electronic); 0894-1491(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online. 
Global Anatomy, Department of Anatomy, University of Wisconsin Medical School
This web site provides educational anatomy resources of brain and spinal cord with illustrations and histologic atlas mainly for the medical students / Not frequently updated site 
Handbook of Nasal Disease
Terence M. Davidson, M.D./ Information resources : Text , for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / Nasal and sinus complaints are one of the most common causes for people to consult physicians Many of these problems can be easily diagnosed by yourself. Many are best treated with some of the simple remedies suggested in this handbook 
Head and Neck Cross Section
Loyola University Medical Center/ Information resources : Text , for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / This homepage contains cross-sectional images and the corresponding CT and MRI  
/Hippocampus/1991/Churchill Livingstone, c/English/1050-9631(Print); 1098-1063(Electronic); 1050-9631(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Quarterly. Title from cover. Also issued online. 
Histochemical Society
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