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Common Cold, Update Software Ltd
Vitamin C for Preventing and Treating the common cold (Cochrane Review) / Abstract of vitamin c for preventing and treating the common cold (cochrane review) 
Common Indoor Air Pollutants, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Common Indoor Air Pollutants / About common indoor air pollutants 
Common Uterine Conditions, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Common Uterine Conditions / About common uterine conditions, Options For Treatment, About The Uterus, Treatment Options, Finding Out About The Problem, Noncancerous Uterine Conditions(Fibroids, Endometriosis, Endometrial Hyperplasia, Uterine Prolapse, Ovarian Cysts, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Severe Menstrual Pain, Very Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Chronic Pelvic Pain), What You Should Know About Hysterectomy, Glossary, Resources For More Information 
Community dentistry and oral epidemiology.
/Community Dent Oral Epidemiol/1973/Copenhagen, Munksgaard./English/0301-5661(Print); 1600-0528(Electronic); 0301-5661(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. 
Complete Heart Block & Atrial Fibrillation-ECG, 12-Leads ECG Library Homepage
Complete Heart Block & Atrial Fibrillation-ECG/ ECG finding  
Complete Heart Block-ECG, 12-Leads ECG Library Homepage
Complete Heart Block-ECG/ ECG finidng 
Constipation, Virtual Hospital
Preventing Constipation with Diet / About preventing constipation with diet. Here Are Some Suggestions, Beans, Vegetables, Fruits, Breads And Starches, Cereals 
Constipation, Virtual Hospital
Constipation: A Guide for Patients/ Constipation, Measures to Treat Constipation, Proper Diet, Bulk Agents, Bran, Commercial Bulk Agents, Adequate Fluid Intake, Use of Suppositories and Enemas, Medications, Habits 
Consumer Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Consumer Health Information / Sites link to consumer health 
Tutorial on Cough - The PathoPlusPage / About cough. Introduction, Physiology Of Cough, Ineffective Coughs, Protussive And Antitussive Therapy for Cough  
Cough, Yahoo GeoCities
Cough / About cough. Character Of Cough, Time Of Cough, Sputum/Other Expectoration, Complications Of Cough 
Cranio / Changed its name from 'The Journal of Cranio-Mandibular Practice' in 1985 / Published from 1982 (Online from 1999) / Chroma / Abstract for free / Full-text(PDF via E-mail) for subscribers / cited in Medline, SCI Expanded and ISI Current Contents  
Critical reviews in oral biology and medicine
Crit Rev Oral Biol Med / Official Journal of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) and American Association for Dental Research (AADR) / Published from 1990 (Online from 2002) / Abstract for free from 1990 / Full-text for subscribers from 2002 / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents  
Crohn’s Disease Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis, Crohn’s Disease Center
History of Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis  
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America(CCFA)
News updates for inflammatory bowel disease / Resources room for physicians interested in IBD including upcoming meeting schedules, recent news and official journal "Inflammtory Bowel Disease" 
Crohn's Disease Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis, Para TB Page
Does Mycobacterium paratuberculosis cause Crohn's Disease/ Mycobacteria, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, Mycobacterium avium, Crohn's disease, The epidemiology of Crohn's disease, Crohn's disease costs billions of dollars across the world, The similarity of Crohn's disease to mycobacterial diseases, History of Crohn's/Paratuberculosis Research. Milestones of Crohn's/Paratuberculosis Research, Overview of Medical research 
Crohn's Disease, Crohn's Disease Resource Center
Crohn's Disease Resource Center 
Crohn's Disease, Crohn's Disease Web Site
Crohn's Disease Web Site/ Crohn's Background, Crohn's Research, Treatment, Related Diseases, Patient's stories, Crohn's Humor, Tips and Advices, Food recipes, Patient Organizations, Side effects  
Crohn's Disease, NIDDK
Crohn's Disease/ Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Complications of Crohn's Disease, Treatment, Research, Women with Crohn's Disease  
Cryoglobulinemia Home Page / About cryoglobulinemia  
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