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SDS Kerr: Kerr Casting Specialties
Home page of Kerr Casting Specialties that is a division of Sybron Dental Specialties, and manufactures, and markets dental casting materials / Contents: technical, service, news, dealers, products, link 
SDS Ormco
Home page of SAS Ormco that offers orthodontic products /Contents: events, products, publications, ortho web links, employment, what's new  
Sendax Mini Dental Implant Center
Home page of Sendax Mini Dental Implant Center that provides dental implant system / Contents: patient, investor, dentist, highlights, applications  
Soredex Inc.
Home page of Soredex USA that provides valuable information about products / Contents: products, news 
Soredex orion corporation
Home page of SOREDEX that is a division of Orion Corporation, health care company in Finland / Contents: dealers, products, news 
Home page of Sterngold that manufactures alloys, attachments implants, implant prosthetics and surgical tools / Contents: customers, professionals, alloys, ImplaMed, attachments, restorative system 
Home page of Sudimplant that manufactures dental implant system / Contents: T.B.R.R Quality, T.B.R.R Implants, prosthetic system, ancillary instrumentation, accessories, training  
Sybron Dental Specialties
Home page of Sybron Dental Specialties that is a manufacturer of dental, orthodontic, endodontic, and infection control products / Contents: employment, link to division (Kerr, ormco, analitic, metrex) 
Sybron Dental Specialties Info.Source
Sybron Dental Specialties is a manufacturer in dental, orthodontic, endodontic, and infection prevention products / NYSE:SYD / Links to division (Kerr, Ormco, Analitic, Metrex) / Menu : Careers, Products information and services / 1717 West Collins Orange, CA 92867 Phone (800) 537-7824 (US and Canada), (714) 516-7400 (All)  
Tenax Dental Implant System
Home page of The Tenax Dental Implant System™that designes and manufactures dental implant in Canada / Contents: dentist, denturist, dental technician, potential implant patient, distributor  
The Dental Shopping Mall
Home page of The Dental Shopping Mall is temporarily closed 
The Glove Club
Home page of the Glove Club that supply glove / Contents: Catalog, Specials, Glove Finder, Ordering, Samples  
Home page of Tissidental that is a manufacturer of dental products / Contents: online news, fast catalog, detailed catalog 
Towne International, Inc.
Home page of Towne International, Inc. that is manufacturer and supplier of Dental Instruments / Contents: products, catalogs 
Home page of Vident that provides dental products, and is the North American distributor of the internationally recognized Vita Lumin Vacuum Shade Guide and quality Vita materials / Contents: products, what's new, specials, courses, FAQ's, employment 
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