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1. Aventis Behring
2. Abbott Laboratories
3. Akorn Ophthalmics
4. Akzo Nobel
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Abbott Laboratories
One of famous institutes producing a various diagnostic agents, pharmaceuticals including Clarithromycin extended form, and hospital products  
Akorn Ophthalmics
A home page of Akorn Ophthalmics which develops and manufactures ophthalmic and injectable sterile pharmaceutical products in the United States / This site provides corporate and products information for consumers / Frequently updated site 
Akzo Nobel
operates in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Coatings, and Chemicals 
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
A home page of Alcon Laboratories, Inc. which is a worldwide company committed to the discovery, development and manufacture of ophthalmic and otic products / This site provides brief eye and ear helath information for consumers and Alcon Journal for health care professionals / Frequently updated site  
Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp.
A home page of Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp. which is an international company focused on transforming innovative scientific discoveries into novel therapeutic and diagnostic agents / This site provides corporate and products information for public / Frequently updated site 
Alpha Therapeutic Corporation
producer of plasma derived products 
Alpharma Inc.
A home page of Alpharma Inc. which is an international pharmaceutical company manufacturing products for humans and animals / This site provides company and products information for consumers / Frequently updated site 
ALZA Corporation
A home page of ALZA Corporation which is a worldwide, research-based pharmaceutical company with advanced drug delivery technologies / This site provides company and products information for consumers / Frequently updated site 
American Home Products Corporation
pharmaceutical and health care products companies 
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A web site of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. that is a company engaged in the discovery and development of potential drug candidates for the treatment of metabolic disorders / This site provides corporate and products information for consumers / Frequently updated site 
Anika Therapeutics, Inc.
Manufacturer of Therapeutic Products and Devices Intended to repair, protect and heal bone, cartilage and soft tissues / These products are currently derived from hyaluronic acid  
Ares-Serono S.A.
developer and marketer of prescription pharmaceuticals especiaaly active in therapeutic fields of reproductive health, growth, wasting, multiple sclerosis and immunology/oncology/ information on the company, products, research, and so on 
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
A home page of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals that developes small-molecule drugs which target intracellular signal transduction pathways / This site contains products and research information for consumers / Frequently updated site 
Aventis Behring
global leader in the therapeutic protein industry 
Axcan Pharma Inc.
A web site of Axcan Pharma Inc., a Canadian pharmaceutical company involved in the development and distribution of pharmaceutical products, mainly in the field of gastroenterology / This site provides company and products information for consumers / Frequently updated site  
B. Braun
Manufacturer of sutures, infusion solutions, disposable syringes, flexible indwelling cannulas, electrolyte solutions, surgical instruments, and so on 
Berlex Laboratories, Inc
pharmaceuticals in the areas of Diagnostic Imaging, Female Healthcare, and Therapeutics  
manufacturer of viscoelastic products based on the biological function of hyaluronan 
BioSpecifics Technologies Corp.
pharmaceutical company with a major focus on wound healing, and tissue remodeling, which produces Collagenase ABC/ information on the company, their products, and discussion forum on the Dupuytren's disease and Peyronies disease 
Cangene Corporation
Canadian biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets specialty plasma products (hyperimmunes) and recombinant therapeutic products/ company and products information 
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