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Accessible Homes
Accessible Homes / Products and related departments ; Floor incorporates features that meet the needs of the less able while maintaining a conventional look and feel, Loan for disabled / Accessible Homes, Inc.4631 Woodbridge Dr.Powder Springs, GA 30127 770/377-5701  
Accessible Homes
Accessible Homes / Products and related departments ; Floor incorporates features that meet the needs of the less able while maintaining a conventional look and feel, Loan for disabled / Accessible Homes, Inc.4631 Woodbridge Dr.Powder Springs, GA 30127 770/377-5701  
Accessible Homes
Accessible Homes / Accessible Homes provide information about adaptable housing and the services for disabled persons
Health Forum, LLC.: An American Hospital Association Company/ Products and Services: AHA CODING CLINIC ON HCPCS, CODING CLINIC FOR ICD-9-CM FOR AHIMA MEMBERS.. AHA CODING CLINIC ON CD-ROM, AHA DATA CONSULTING, AHA GUIDE TO THE HEALTH CARE FIELD/ Menu:Data Source, Online Store/ One North Franklin 29th Floor Chicago, IL 60606 (800) 821-2039 
BioReliance Corp.
BioReliance Corporation, since 1947 / NASDAQ:BREL / Products(service) and related departments ; Biosafety Testing(Clearance Validation Studies, Microbiology, Virology), Analytical Services(Identity, Purity, Concentration, Physical/Chemical Methods, Residual Assays, Stability), Toxicology(Genetic Toxicology, Testing of Medical Devices and Biomaterials, Mammalian Toxicology Studies), LAHS(Laboratory Animal Health Services(Rodent Serology, Simian Serology, Comprehensive Animal Health Services) / Menu : Careers, Services information / BioReliance Corporation, 14920 Broschart Road Rockville, Maryland 20850-3349 USA Phone: 301.738.1000 Fax: 301.738.1036
The Biotech Communications Group/ Products and Services: Clinical Services, Lab Equipment MediaMatrix, Antibodies../ Menu: Products and Services information/ Zuchelli and Johnson Healthcare Communications Telephone: 800-562-9031 Fax: 516 783 1805 
CareMerica, Inc.
Since 1988/ Consulting Services: Strategic Assessment-Strategic Baseline Review™, Sales-Sales Management, Distribution Analysis../ Menu: Services information/ 9214 Foxboro Drive Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 Telephone: Toll Free (Domestic US only): (888) 382-1922 Telephone: (615) 377-7686 Facsimile: (615) 377-3121  
Dencap Dental Plans
DENCAP Dental Plans, since 1985 / Services : DENTACARE Individual Plan, DENCAP Group Plans / Menu : Services Information / DENCAP Dental Plans, 45 E Milwaukee Detroit, MI 48202 Tel: 800-875-2400, 313-972-1400 Fax: 313-972-4662  
Dorland Healthcare Information
Provides print & Internet publications, market research reports, databases and mailing lists covering healthcare and managed care organizations / Dorland resources help companies in these markets find solutions to marketing, sales, business development and other information needs / Products : Print Directories - Medical & Healthcare Marketplace Guide, Case Management Resource Guide, Directory of Physician Groups & Networks, AAHP/Dorland Directory of Health Plans, Dorland's Medical Directory(Pennsylvania and adjacent counties) : Internet Directories - AAHP/Dorland Directory of Health Plans, Case Management Resource Guide, Directory of Physician Groups & Networks, Managed Care Register, Medical & Healthcare Marketplace Guide : Research & Statistical Reports - Managed Care Local Market Overviews, Marketing Homecare Products & Services to Managed Care : Databases & Mailing Lists  
e-denitist, Inc.
e-dentist, Inc. / AMEX:EDT / Products and related departments ; Virtuoso, Captek, Point4, Softline, Optilux501, CloSYSII / Menu : Careers, Products Information / e-dentist, Inc. 2999 N. 44th St. Suite 650 Phoenix, AZ 85018 Phone: 602.952.1200 Fax: 602.952.0544  
Express Scripts, Inc.
Express Scripts, Inc. / NASDAQ:ESRX / Fortune 500 / Services and related departments ; Health Management Services : Express Health Line, Practice Pattern Science, Training & Seminars : Preceptorship Programs, Online Training, Specialty Distribution Services : Distribution Services, Clinical Trials, Patient Assistance / Menu : Careers, Services Information  
Fox Systems Inc.
Fox Systems Inc./ Services: Healthcare Consulting Services/ Menu: Research/ Executive Vice President of Marketing: 4110 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 355 Scottsdale AZ, 85251 Phone: (480) 423-8184 Fax: (480) 423-8108 
GeneLogic, Inc.
Gene Logic Inc. since 1994 / NASDAQ:GLGC / Products and related departments ; GeneExpress?Suite : BioExpress Module, ToxExpress Module, PharmExpress Module, GeneExpress DataSuites : GeneExpress Oncology DataSuite, GeneExpress Atlas DataSuite, GeneExpress MultiSuites, GeneExpress CustomSuites, GeneExpress CloneExpress / Menu : Careers, Products information / Gene Logic Inc. (Headquarters) 708 Quince Orchard Road Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Tel: 1.301.987.1700 Toll Free: 1.800.GENELOGIC (US and Canada) Fax: 1.301.987.1701  
GIN-EROUS Medical Billing
GIN-EROUS Medical Billing / Services : Getting claims paid and paid correctly by the insurance companies 
Health Management Sys., Inc.
Health Management Systems, Inc. since 1974 / NASDAQ:HMSY / Products(service) and related departments ; Decision SupportTM : Alliance for Decision SupportTM, Alliance for Financial ManagementTM (FM), Revenue Enhancement Services : Safety-Net Services (Retroactive Claims Recovery, Cost Report Recovery, Supplemental Security Income..), Business Office Services(Eligibility Verification, Electronic Billing, Claim Follow- Up, Remittance Management...), Payor Systems and Services : ProAllianceTM, CapAllianceTM, Alliance for Claims OutsourcingTM,../ Menu : Careers, Products and Services information / Toll-free: 1-888-HMS-1886  
HealthShare Lactation Services, Inc.
Since 1997/ Services: Professional Consulting/ Menu: Service information/ 1-800-887- 5428  
Histo Technical External Quality Assurance
HTEQA Services / Site Format : News, Job opportunity( for Practitioner )/ Information resources : Lectures or articles on specific topics, Fact sheet, Text & Multimedia, Program for professionals , for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently/ HTEQA Services is a small company set up originally to provide advice and administrative support to External Quality Assessment schemes operating in the field of histopathology.  
Hooper Holmes, Inc.
Hooper Holmes, Inc. since the late 1800's / AMEX:HH / Services and related departments ; Alternative distribution segment of the life and health industry(by Portamedic), Connective opportunities for all the information providers serving the life and health industry(by Heritage Labs), Inspection reporting, APS, Electronic Application and Exam services(by InfoLink Services Group), Medical records(by APS operation), Quality Control Checks, Customized Relexive Questions, Automated APS Ordering(by Teledex), Comprehensive process for gathering together the underwriting requirements needed to initiate the underwriting process(by Portamedic Select) / Menu : Careers, Services Information / Hooper Holmes Inc. 170 Mt. Airy Road Basking Ridge, NJ07920 Phone: 908-766-5000 Fax: 908-953-6304  
IDX Systems Corp.
IDX Systems Corporation, since 1969 / NASDAQ:IDXC / Products(service) and related departments ; Group Practice Management System (GPMS)™, IDX eCommerce Services™, ChannelHealthR, IDXrad, LastWordR enterprise clinical system,../ Menu : Careers, Products information and Service / IDX Systems Corporation, 40 IDX Drive P.O. Box 1070 Burlington, VT 05402-1070 Tel: (802) 862-1022 Fax: (802) 862-6848 
Impath, Inc.
IMPATH, Inc. / NASDAQ:IMPH / Services and related departments ; Physician Services : Prostate and Bladder Analyses, Lymphoma & Leukemia Analyses, Unknown Cancers(Custom Tumor Analyses), BioPharmaceutical Services : PRECLINICAL SERVICES AND LABORATORY ANALYSIS, CLINICAL TRIAL SUPPORT, INFORMATION SERVICES / Menu : Service information / IMPATH Inc. 521 West 57th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10019 USA Phone: (212) 698-0300 Fax: (212) 258-2195  
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