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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers./IEEE Int Conf Rehabil Robot/199u/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/English/1945-7898(Print); 1945-7901(Electronic); 1945-791X(Undetermined); 1945-7898(Linking)/Congresses/Indexed Medline/9th (2005). Also issued online. 
a journal of neurology.
/Brain/1878/London./English/0006-8950(Print); 1460-2156(Electronic); 0006-8950(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Available also online. Microfilm. v.1(1878)-75(1952),94(1971). 33 microfilm reels 
Academy of Neuropsychologists.
National Academy of Neuropsychologists (U.S.)/Arch Clin Neuropsychol/1986/Pergamon Press, c/English/0887-6177(Print); 1873-5843(Electronic); 0887-6177(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online. 
Academy of Sleep Medicine.
American Academy of Sleep Medicine./J Clin Sleep Med/2005/American Academy of Sleep Medicine/English/1550-9389(Print); 1550-9397(Electronic); 1550-9389(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Print issues ceased with v.6, no. 5 (Oct. 15, 2010). Also issued online. 
ACS chemical neuroscience.
American Chemical Society./ACS Chem Neurosci/2010/American Chemical Society/English/1948-7193(Electronic); 1948-7193(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vol. 1, no. 1 (2010); title from journal home page (ACS 
Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis.
Układu Nerwowego./Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars)/1970/Warsaw, Polish Scientific Publishers./English/0065-1400(Print); 1689-0035(Electronic); 0065-1400(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. Text in English. Organ of Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology. 
Acta neurologica Belgica.
oto-neuro-ophtalmologiques.; Societe belge de neurologie./Acta Neurol Belg/1970/Acta Medica Belgica/French, English/0300-9009(Print); 2240-2993(Electronic); 0300-9009(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Print issues ceased with v. 111, no. 4 (2011). Also issued online. Some summaries in English. Official bulletin of the Societe belge de neurologie, the Groupement belge detudes oto-neuro-ophtalmologiques, and of the Groupement belge d'etudes electroencephalographiques.' 
Acta neurologica Scandinavica.
/Acta Neurol Scand/1961/Copenhagen Munksgaard/English/0001-6314(Print); 1600-0404(Electronic); 0001-6314(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Print issues ceased with v. 130, no. 6 (Dec. 2014). Supplement treated as a separate publication from 1962-2014. Also issued online. Articles in English, French, or German. 
Acta neurologica Taiwanica.
Taiwan Neurological Society./Acta Neurol Taiwan/1996/Color Design, [/English/1028-768X(Print); 1028-768X(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Chung-hua shen ching hsueh tsa chih. Title from cover. Also issued online. In English. Official journal of the Taiwan Neurological Society. 
Acta neuropathologica communications.
/Acta Neuropathol Commun/2013/BioMed Central/English/2051-5960(Electronic); 2051-5960(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/1 (8 May 2013); title 
Acta neuropathologica.
World Federation of Neurology./Acta Neuropathol/1961/Springer Verlag/English/0001-6322(Print); 1432-0533(Electronic); 0001-6322(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. Articles in English, German, or French, with summaries in two of the languages. Organ of the Commission for Neuropathology and the Commission for Comparative Neuropathology of the World Federation of Neurology. 
Acta neuropsychiatrica.
Neuropsychopharmacology./Acta Neuropsychiatr/1989/Interdisciplinair Genootschap voor Biologische Psychiatrie/English/0924-2708(Print); 1601-5215(Electronic); 0924-2708(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/8e jaarg., nr. 1 (maart 1996); title from cover. Print issues ceased with v. 22 (2010) Also issued online. Dutch or English, with summaries in both languages, 1989-1999; text in English, 2000- Issued in 
Advances in neurobiology.
/Adv Neurobiol/2011/Springer/English/2190-5215(Print)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vols. prior to 2014 classed separately at NLM. Also issued online. Description 
AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology
Am J Neuroradiol / Official journal of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) / Published from 1980 (Online from 1995) / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers from 1995 (free trial period) / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents 
Aktuelle Neurologie
Journal / Published from 1980 (Online from 2001) / Thieme Medical Publishers / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers / cited in SCI Expanded & ISI Current Contents / available in German 
Alzheimer disease and associated disorders.
Western Geriatric Research Institute (Lawrence, Kan.)/Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord/1987/Western Geriatric Research Institute, c/English/0893-0341(Print); 1546-4156(Electronic); 0893-0341(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Place of publication varies. Supplements accompany some vols. Also issued online. 
Alzheimer's Disease Review
Published by The Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, and University of Kentucky / Published from 1996 / Abstracsts for free / Fulltext for free 
Alzheimers research & therapy.'
/Alzheimers Res Ther/2009/BioMed Central Ltd./English/1758-9193(Electronic)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/title from journal information 
American journal of Alzheimers disease and other dementias.'
/Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen/2000/Prime National Pub. Corp., c/English/1533-3175(Print); 1938-2731(Electronic); 1533-3175(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Imprint varies. Also issued online. 
American Journal of Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Am J Electroneurodiagn Technol / Changed its name from ''American Journal of EEG Technology'' in 1996 / Official journal of the American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists (ASET) / Published from 1960 / Allen Press / Abstract for free / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI Expanded and ISI Current Contents 
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