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08/02/2018 Software Downloads Keras MIT
08/02/2018 Online Databases PLINK Shaun Purcell of the Center for Human Genetic Research (CHGR), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT
08/02/2018 Software Downloads TensorFlow Google
07/20/2018 Guidelines Expanding the Paradigm of Occupational Safety and Health: A New Framework for Worker Well-Being American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)
06/01/2018 Fact Sheets Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products National Institute on Drug Abuse
06/01/2018 Fact Sheets Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigarettes) National Institute on Drug Abuse
05/10/2018 Fact Sheets Age 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age Center for Disease Control and Prevention
05/10/2018 Fact Sheets Binge Drinking Center for Disease Control and Prevention
05/02/2018 Fact Sheets Ambient (outdoor) air quality and health WHO
03/05/2018 Fact Sheets Emergency Preparedness United States Department of Agriculture
03/01/2018 Guidelines Physical activity and the environment The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
02/26/2018 Fact Sheets Preventing disease through healthy environments WHO
02/20/2018 Fact Sheets Cancer WHO
02/15/2018 Fact Sheets Arsenic WHO
02/15/2018 Fact Sheets Asbestos: elimination of asbestos-related diseases WHO
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