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1681. Bacteria Defense Mechanisms May Lead to New Drugs
02/04/2004 American Society for Clinical Pathology
1682. Inflammation Marker Predicts Colon Cancer
02/03/2004 Johns Hopkins Medicine
1683. March Seminars and Screenings at BestHealth Community Health Resource Center of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
02/02/2004 Wake Forest University School of Medicine
1684. Medicare Bill Signed into Law
01/29/2004 American Society for Clinical Pathology
1685. The Body’s 911 Call: Why Blood Flow Stops Short
01/26/2004 University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS)
1686. WHO Executive Body reaffirms WHO leadership on key issues for Global Public Health
01/23/2004 World Health Organization (WHO)
1687. WHO Executive Board appoints two Regional Directors
01/23/2004 World Health Organization (WHO)
1688. Idea inspires new screening test for anti-cancer agents
01/13/2004 Harvard Medical School (HMS)
1689. IU Researcher Receives International Honors For Career Of Discovery
01/09/2004 Indiana University School of Medicine
1690. Many countries not on target to reach health-related Millennium Development Goals: World Bank, World Health Organization convene high-level meeting to map out strategy for meeting health MDGs
01/08/2004 World Health Organization (WHO)
1691. Bay Area blood banks issue emergency appeal for blood donations
01/06/2004 Stanford University School of Medicine
1692. National Survey Finds U.S. Public Enthusiastic About Cancer Screening
01/06/2004 Dartmouth Medical School (DMS)
1693. In 2004, Pathologists Receive 1.5 % Update Under Medicare
01/01/2004 American Society for Clinical Pathology
1694. Laboratory Automation: Smart Strategies For Success
12/15/2003 Advancing Clinical Laboratory Science Worldwide
1695. Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Alfalfa Sprouts Recall
12/02/2003 Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
1696. FDA Seizes Newborn Screening Test Kits
02/05/2003 American Society for Clinical Pathology
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