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381. New diagnostic technologies offer non-invasive means
Molecular messages and signals circulating in blood or contained in cells lining the airway can identify early stage cancer, according to research reported today at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Scientists looking to apply basic science knowledge to medical practice are developing tests that diagnose, predict or monitor cancer risks, without invasive tissue sampling. Such tests could benefit all, particularly underserved populations, such as the poor, who often wait until symptoms appear before seeing a doctor.
04/16/2007 American Association for Cancer Research, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
382. Abbott and Premier Sign Contract for Diagnostic Tests
04/16/2007 Abbott Laboratories
383. Mailman School of Public Health researchers report blood DNA can be early predictor of liver cancer
Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health have discovered a means for early detection of liver cancer. Using DNA isolated from serum samples as a baseline biomarker, the scientists examined changes in certain tumor suppressor genes that have been associated with the development of liver carcinomas. This is the first study to prospectively examine potential biomarkers for early detection of liver cancer in high-risk populations.
04/16/2007 Clinical Cancer Research, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
384. Salivary Diagnostic Device Shows Promise
04/11/2007 National Institutes of Health (NIH)
385. Rapid oral HIV test shows great promise according to MUHC-led research
A convenient, easy to use, and rapid alternative to blood-based HIV testing may become the new standard for field testing according to a new MUHC study. The study shows that the oral fluid-based OraQuick HIV1/2 test is 100 per cent accurate and patients' preferred choice.
04/11/2007 PLoS ONE, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
386. Misusing vitamin to foil drug test may be toxic; plus, it doesn't work
Taking excessive doses of a common vitamin in an attempt to defeat drug screening tests may send the user to the hospital --or worse. Researchers in Philadelphia reported on two adults and two adolescents who suffered toxic side effects from taking large amounts of niacin, also known as vitamin B3, in mistaken attempts to foil urine drug tests.
04/10/2007 Annals of Emergency Medicine, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
387. Measuring calcium intake can help to identify osteoporosis in men with prostate cancer
Study of 372 men with prostate cancer shows higher than average link with osteoporosis, regardless of whether hormone therapy or surgery is used. 49 percent of men had osteoporosis and only seven percent consumed recommended daily intake of calcium.
04/10/2007 BJU International, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
388. Researchers question validity of many research meta-analyses
New research by Drs. John Ioannidis and Thomas Trikalinos indicates that statistical conditions are often not met for employing asymmetry tests.
04/09/2007 Canadian Medical Association Journal, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
389. Physicians' beliefs may influence their perception of the effects of spirituality on health
More than half of physicians believe that religion and spirituality have a significant influence on patients' health, according to a report in the April 9 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Physicians who are most religious are more likely to interpret the influence of religion and spirituality in positive ways.
04/09/2007 Archives of Internal Medicine, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
390. Tumors stopped from spreading to new sites
For several types of cancer, persistently high levels of the soluble factor TGF-beta in the blood after surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy correlate with increased risk of early metastasis and a poor prognosis. Using a mouse model of breast cancer, researchers from Vanderbilt University have now generated evidence to suggest that treatment with TGF-beta inhibitors might help such patients.
04/05/2007 Journal of Clinical Investigation, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
391. Weak drug combos find new use
Antibiotics that don't work could beat back resistant bacteria.
04/04/2007, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
392. Biosafety labs urged to report accidents and near misses
US think tank proposes mandatory but anonymous reporting.
04/04/2007, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
393. NIH and Institut Pasteur Extend Collaboration Agreement for HIV-1 Diagnostics
04/03/2007 National Institutes of Health (NIH)
394. Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics' Clinitek Advantus Analyzer Delivers the Next Generation of Urinalysis Testing Technology
Advanced Network-Ready Analysis for Improved Patient Care
03/26/2007 Siemens Medical Solutions
395. Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics Showcases at CLMA Thinklab 2007
HOUSTON, March 25, 2007 - Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics will showcase its broad portfolio of diagnostic solutions for the first time at the annual Clinical Laboratory Managers Association (CLMA) Conference and Exhibition from March 24 -27 in Houston, Texas (booth #821 and RV location at #550). More
03/25/2007 Siemens Medical Solutions
396. Doctor says [spit please]
Researchers turn to saliva to diagnose disease.
03/22/2007, Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
397. FDA Clears Rapid Test for Meningitis
03/16/2007 U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
398. Issue of March 2007
A Higher Physical Activity Level Slows Lung Function Decline in Smokers; Primary Graft Dysfunction Is Risk Factor For a Later Serious Lung Transplant Problem; Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients Show Silent Brain Infarction Lesions; New Blood Tests for TB Show Exposure to Disease While Tuberculin Skin Tests Do Not
03/15/2007 American Thoracic Society (ATS)
399. Infection detectives use disease 'fingerprints' to track common infections in children
Infectious disease specialists at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found a new method for identifying suspect viruses and bacteria that cause some of the most common acute infections in children.
03/13/2007 Blood, EurekaAlert!-AAAS
400. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Expands Infectious-Disease Test Menu With Launch of Rubella IgG Assay
03/12/2007 Johnson & Johnson
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