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141. How much physician burnout is costing your organization
Physician burnout is expensive to an organization, contributing to direct costs of recruitment and replacement when physicians leave or reduce their clinical work hours.
10/11/2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
142. Argentina''s scientists struggle amid slipping peso and rising inflation
Researchers warn that the country뭩 science infrastructure is at risk of collapse if austerity measures continue.
10/11/2018 Nature: News & Comments by Michele Catanzaro
143. UK Biobank shares the promise of big data
UK Biobank contains a wealth of data on genetics, health and more from 500,000 participants. A detailed overview of the biobank and an analysis of its brain-imaging data show the value of this resource.
10/10/2018 Nature: News and Views by Nancy Cox
144. UK Biobank data on 500,000 people paves way to precision medicine
Treatments tailored to individuals rely on the wisdom of crowds.
10/10/2018 Nature: News & Comments - Editorial
145. Why is a remote Colombian town a hot spot of an inherited intellectual disability?
10/10/2018 Science: Biology, Health, People & Events News By Hannah Furfaro, Spectrum
146. Surging R&D spending in China narrows gap with United States
China''s total spending on R&D rose a robust 12.3% last year to a record 1.76 trillion yuan ($254 billion), according to a government report released yesterday. Already second in the world in R&D spending behind the United States, China has narrowed the gap.
10/10/2018 Science: Asia/Pacific News By Dennis Normile
147. New therapies could treat tissue swelling that afflicts cancer surgery patients and others
Researchers were testing whether the drug ubenimex, a leukemia treatment used in Japan, can spur the growth of new lymphatic vessels.
10/10/2018 Science: Health By Mitch Leslie
148. An elusive molecule that sparks multiple sclerosis may have been found
Now, researchers may have pinpointed a long-sought molecule called a self-antigen that provokes these attacks, pointing a way toward potential new treatments.
10/10/2018 Science: Biology, Health News by By Mitch Leslie
149. Absent forebrain replaced by embryonic stem cells
A new technique, in which forebrain-precursor cells are ablated from early-stage mouse embryos and replaced with embryonic stem cells, promises to facilitate our ability to study the central nervous system.
10/10/2018 Nature: News and Views by Jimena Andersen Sergiu P. Pasca
150. The approach to predictive medicine that is taking genomics research by storm
Polygenic risk scores represent a giant leap for gene-based diagnostic tests. Here뭩 why they뭨e still so controversial.
10/10/2018 Nature: News Feature by Matthew Warren
151. Why the virtual anatomy lab won''t replace the real thing
Gross anatomy has been a standard part of the early years of medical education for generations. Typically taught using cadavers that are dissected, the class offers students their first hands-on lessons in the body뭩 structure and the organs that exist beneath its surface.
10/10/2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
152. Pondering direct care? 13 potential benefits and drawbacks
Administrative demands coupled with growing physician dissatisfaction about poor work-life balance are causing some doctors to consider moving to a retainer-based or direct primary care practice. It is a business model that some view as a way to reduce many of these burdens.
10/10/2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
153. Patient handoffs: 4 best practices medical residents must heed
You can make the right diagnosis, order the right treatments and have your patient well on the way to a safe discharge from the hospital. But now you need to get what뭩 scattered across the medical record and buried inside your brain into the hands and heads of your colleagues on the next shift. That patient handoff is where problems often arise. Learn from an expert what you can do to make sure it goes well.
10/09/2018 American Medical Association (AMA)
154. Ghost authorship haunts industry-funded clinical trials
Drug companies make big contributions to analysis in the trials they fund but can fail to report their contributions.
10/09/2018 Nature: News by Matthew Warren
155. Why the U.S. health care system should be reformed
The AMA뭩 aim is to move forward and continue to get more people covered and to provide better access to high quality care.
10/08/2018 American Medical Association (AMA) News by Andis Robeznieks
156. Consult an Eye Care Professional if Your Halloween Costume Includes Scary Eyes
Creepy costume lenses might add spine-tingling thrills to your Halloween, but wearing costume contact lenses without a prescription can lead to serious eye infections or permanent vision loss.
10/05/2018 American Academy of Ophthalmology
157. Major publishers sue ResearchGate over copyright infringement
Elsevier and the American Chemical Society say that the academic-networking website violates US copyright law.
10/05/2018 Nature News
158. Acceleration of BMI in Early Childhood and Risk of Sustained Obesity
Among obese adolescents, the most rapid weight gain had occurred between 2 and 6 years of age; most children who were obese at that age were obese in adolescence.
10/04/2018 N Engl J Med 2018; 379:1303-1312
159. University tenure decisions still gloss over scientists'' public outreach
Analysis of internal documents shows that promotions and tenure largely depend on metrics such as the number of publications and citations.
10/04/2018 Nature News
160. Mouse stem cells can self-organize into headless ''little bananas''
Embryolike gastruloids could help scientists study early development
10/04/2018 Science, By Kelly Servick
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