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25261. Hair Disorders: Dermatologists Identify the Top 3 Causes of Tress Distress
02/06/2004 American Academy of Dermatology
25262. Contact Dermatitis: Sometimes It's In Your Face
02/06/2004 American Academy of Dermatology
25263. Botulinum Rejuvenation: Men Finding Benefits Are More Than Just Skin Deep
02/06/2004 American Academy of Dermatology
25264. Blood Transfusions May Spread Mad Cow Disease
02/06/2004 American Society for Clinical Pathology
25265. Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Activity in Asia - Update 13
02/06/2004 Population and Public Health Branch, Canada
25266. Treatment With Oral Chemotherapy Drug Proves Effective for Advanced Colorectal Cancer, Study Shows
02/05/2004 University of Maryland Medicine
25267. Conference to Provide Support to Persons with Disabilities
02/05/2004 University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)
25268. Researchers reveal function of calcium transport protein that regulates heartbeat frequency, strength
02/05/2004 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UT Southwestern)
25269. Cool brain opens stroke treatment window, say Stanford researchers
02/05/2004 Stanford University School of Medicine
25270. Bacteria lingering in body may pose future food poisoning risks, Stanford study finds
02/05/2004 Stanford University School of Medicine
25271. Cystic Fibrosis Gene Linked To Fatty Acid Defects: Findings could lead to new treatment for life-threatening genetic disease
02/05/2004 University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS)
25272. Program To Teach Health Care Providers How To Recognize Elder Abuse
02/05/2004 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC)
25273. Free Legal Help Available for Older Adults
02/05/2004 Wake Forest University School of Medicine
25274. Grant Expands IU-Kenya AIDS Program
02/05/2004 Indiana University School of Medicine
25275. Popular Drug for Chest Pain May Promote Blood Vessel Damage
02/05/2004 Duke University Medical Center (DUMC)
25276. Joint needs assessment paves the way for peace and development in Liberia: US $ 44 million needed for priority health and water projects over two years
02/05/2004 World Health Organization (WHO)
02/05/2004 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
25278. Secretary Thompson Appoints New Chairs of CDC, ATSDR Advisory Committees
02/05/2004 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
25279. FDA Approves First Drug for Rare Type of Cancer
02/05/2004 Food and Drug Administration
25280. FDA Approves Alimta-Cisplatin Combination For Treatment of Asbestos-Related Cancer
02/05/2004 Eli Lilly and Company
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