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25121. Former CMS Administrator Thomas A. Scully to Speak at American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) Leadership Conference and IT Summit in Rancho Bernardo, CA
02/04/2004 American Association for Homecare
25122. New FDA Draft Guidances Aim to Improve Health Information
02/04/2004 Food and Drug Administration
25123. Bacteria Defense Mechanisms May Lead to New Drugs
02/04/2004 American Society for Clinical Pathology
25124. Breast Implants and Mammography: JAMA Study Highlights Risks and Benefits
02/04/2004 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
25125. Less Abdominal Fat Present In Fitter Men, Independent Of Body Mass Index
02/04/2004 American College of Sports Medicine,
25126. Paradox Seen in Racial Variation among Heart Failure Patients
02/04/2004 American College of Cardiology
25127. Even Very Elderly Patients Can Benefit From Angioplasty or Bypass
02/04/2004 American College of Cardiology
25128. University of Pittsburgh to Host MDA Art Exhibit
02/04/2004 Muscular Dystrophy Association
25129. Of Special Interest to Scientists
02/04/2004 Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
25130. Even Very Elderly Patients Can Benefit From Angioplasty or Bypass
02/04/2004 American College of Cardiology
25131. Chris Kerry Marketing Group & Marc Dorsey Hosting Pre-Grammy Celebration to Help Fight Diabetes
02/03/2004 American Diabetes Association (ADA)
25132. Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors to Showcase Best and Brightest in Medicine
02/03/2004 American Diabetes Association (ADA)
25133. University of Maryland School of Medicine to Develop and Test Oral Anthrax Vaccine
02/03/2004 University of Maryland Medicine
25134. University of Minnesota-Mayo Clinic partnership awards first grants
02/03/2004 University of Minnesota Medical School
25135. $2 million gift enables University of Florida to establish epilepsy research center
02/03/2004 University of Florida Health Science Center (UFHSC)
25136. Two Pharmacy Faculty Hope Papua New Guinea Rainforests Yield Drugs to Treat TB, HIV, Malaria, and Other Diseases
02/03/2004 University of Utah Health Sciences Center (UUHSC)
25137. Public Health Experts Target Alcohol as 'No Ordinary Commodity'
02/03/2004 University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC)
25138. UW Medical School's Fiore Unveils Plan to Reduce Smoking
02/03/2004 University of Wisconsin Medical School
25139. Wisconsin Public Health and Health Policy Institute Releases Rankings of County Health Outcomes and Health Behaviors
02/03/2004 University of Wisconsin Medical School
25140. Vitamins Do Little to Prevent Recurrent Stroke
02/03/2004 Wake Forest University School of Medicine
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